ngo HITEC is an NGO comprised of the brains of the Best Technologists of India to create a Hitech Society with the best of breed Global IT Solutions, Next Generation Networks and Enabled Services. This forum was registered as No Loss No Profit member in 2002 based at NCR – Delhi zone. The Forum members are Best of kind Technologists from India and Abroad.They contribute their thinking power to change the Life Styles of Indian citizens for a Better India and Robust India. They all feel that with the right bend of IT, Telecom & Enabled Services projects executed at the right Time can bring the best results and catapult India in the league of the Most Developed Nations.HITEC ( Haryana IT, Telecom, & Enabled Industries Confederation) is an Indian mission and believes strongly on the capabilities of Indian Intellect and power of execution. The Forum has Facilitated as adviser to various State and Federal agencies in India.

History and Roadmap of HITEC India.