1. Help Desk (With Phone no 1-800-SECURITY & WebSite & Emails for Security Incidents reporting, Analysis & Prevention. This will include website for latest Threats & Warnings.
  2. WiFi pod (12 Volt very slim devices) deployment on 3G/ 4G in Taxi, Bus and Metro.
  3. IP Camera Deployment for Enhanced Security on 4-Key Squares of Gurgaon/Other (as pilot city), 4-Places of Worships, 4-Malls, Taxi, Bus and Metro.
  4. Hosting of a Content Delivery Platform connected with HD IP Camera & Web Cast, Pad-Cast, 3-D Holography Image Streaming of meetings.
    1. Lab Setup for Security Testing of Application & Devices (Telco’s, IT Companies, Web Portals, IT Enabled Industries). Standard Security Process templates for each Vertical (Banking, Insurance, Telecom, IT Services, etc.) and Training Modules and creation of Trainers. Training module for Business Processes, Security, Audit, VA/ PT, etc.
    2. Lab Setup for various hand held devices ISO 15408 Testing and 3GPP, 3GPP2 Testing. VA/ PT Lab. IT Security Infra structure audit. Human Resource Safety Audits. Malware testing Lab. Operation Process will be validated from the Security Emergency Response Team for All India Cyber Security.
  5. Solution Setup 3-D Audio-Video Broad Cast via 3G/4G/BB for a Live Meeting. The Meeting will be available Webcast (Remote Locations) & Wi-Fi Podcast, IPTV, OTT. End to End Platform to be deployed as part of project.
  6. Setup of a Demo Center for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Deployment of a Cloud Based Platform.Deployment of cloud based storage for used by Industries.
  7. Monitoring of the Social Media and Hourly Report Generation. Monitoring Center for Anti-Indian, Anti-Government, Terrorist messages, Hacking Effort etc. Monitoring of Key Government Sites and Key Networks. (Software based Escalation to Human Stakeholders,etc).
  8. Training & Placement of Resources on the Emerging Technology & IT Enabled Arena.
  9. Development of IT enabled platform and contents for Villages and small Town